Sea Creature Evolution

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So this project has been quite the adventure.  I have the octopus tentacles completed for the most part.  I will be adding wire to them to give each tentacle pizzazz.  Of course I also need to take care of all the loose ends… They currently have a mind of their own.

SAM_0612aOn to the coral.  Very slowly I’ve been adding coral to the focal bead.  This surprisingly takes longer then you would think.  Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve done such beading.  It has been fun to watch the coral evolve and manipulating it the direction and waves.  I have a lot more to do 😀


A view from the back.

SAM_0607I’ll continue to post updates as the under water sea creature continues to morph into a fashionable necklace.  Now it’s back to work!


Independence Day and Bling-Bling Earrings


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I hope everyone had an exciting yet safe holiday weekend.  We enjoyed our Independence Day in San Francisco where we met up with one of my dearest friends and her boyfriend.  We explored traditional San Fran sites such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower, Chinatown, and Ghirardelli Square.  However, the highlight of July 4th was our firework watching location.  We used airbnb to reserve an apartment for the night.  Lucky for us, we had access to the rooftop!  We joined the San Fran locals and had the pleasure of observing four firework shows.  It was spectacular and I hope to return again.


The next day was spent at the Exploratorium.  It’s a combination of the St. Louis Science Center and City Museum.  We wandered around playing with all the gizmos and gadgets.  After several hours of meandering about the pier we found ourselves at the Exploratoruim museum store.  While there I purchased a nifty colorful orb puzzle.  Now the reason I am divulging this mediocre detail is because the clerk showed high interest in the earrings I was wearing.  As a result I was inspired to make some more.


Bling-Bling earrings are one of my favorite earrings to wear on both everyday and special occasions.  I made these with some extra beads from a bracelet I’ve been working on for a while (Shhh…  I’ll show and tell that piece on another day).  These earrings were created with 4mm swarovski crystals.  Sparkly! Also a tad difficult to photograph.


I plan on making more of these since I tend to get compliments and questions when I wear them.  Keep an eye on etsy since I plan on adding some earrings to my shop soon.  Now it’s time to read some research articles and learn some more German.  auf Wiedersehen!

Geisha Flower Necklace



Another day and another necklace.  I made this last fall while I was still in DC.  However, I never thought to bring clasps with me to finish the pieces I made in the northeast (either bead stores were inconvenient to get to or they did not have quite what I was looking for).  So when I returned home after graduation I picked up clasps to complete my projects.

Tonight I present the Geisha Flower necklace.  It was a lot of fun to make and I love the colors I chose to give depth to the focal piece.  Again, I did a ndebele chain (as suggested by the BeadCulture pattern) to complete the necklace.  The chain really give the piece a bit of romance and beauty.