California Adventures – Sea Creature Project

So I’ve been in California for a few weeks.  Matt, by best friend/boyfriend, recently graduated from UC Davis.  He’s been doing research within his lab this summer.

While he’s at work I’ve been doing odd jobs.  I’ve been dog sitting and will hopefully start babysitting soon! I am also taking this time to work on my beading and jewelry designs.  At the end of July I am teaching a class at A Better Place to Bead. To the right depicts the bracelet I will be teaching.  I first learned how to make this Crystal Heaven bracelet at Bead Crazee in Tyler TX.

 My current beading project incorporates a handmade glass lampwork bead from Laurie Geller.  The bead I’m using to create my necklace is different from her typical style of design.  The focal bead appears to be from under the sea.  I plan to adorn it with sculptural peyote so give a feeling of coral as well as octopus tentacles creeping around and up the necklace.

CaptureI’ll keep you updated as the necklace develops.  Currently I’m working on the black ndebele cord.



4 thoughts on “California Adventures – Sea Creature Project

  1. I miss u Katlin. I am so excited about this blog. Now I can keep up with your jewelry. I wish I could attend your class. Good luck can’t wait to see how the next chapter of your life turns out.

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