Sea Creature Evolution

So this project has been quite the adventure.  I have the octopus tentacles completed for the most part.  I will be adding wire to them to give each tentacle pizzazz.  Of course I also need to take care of all the loose ends… They currently have a mind of their own.

SAM_0612aOn to the coral.  Very slowly I’ve been adding coral to the focal bead.  This surprisingly takes longer then you would think.  Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve done such beading.  It has been fun to watch the coral evolve and manipulating it the direction and waves.  I have a lot more to do 😀


A view from the back.

SAM_0607I’ll continue to post updates as the under water sea creature continues to morph into a fashionable necklace.  Now it’s back to work!


2 thoughts on “Sea Creature Evolution

  1. Katlin, you are amazing. I could not phantom what you could do with that fascinating piece you showed us. The tentacles look so intricate and do add pizzazz so appropriate to the whimsical stone. Your coral creation brings the stone to life as a real underwater sea creature and will make a fascinating necklace. Looking forward to seeing the finished dazzling piece. cc

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