San Fran and Moving Out

San Francisco!  Such a fun city.  Matt and I explored new areas.  Specifically Golden Gate Park.  We’ve never gone there since it’s been so far from where we usually visit.  We zigzagged from one end of the park to the other.  It was a fun day but exhausting. Thankfully we found a free shuttle to take us back to where we began our adventure.


The next day we trekked down to the piers.  We took a detour at the Painted Ladies as well as the Mrs. Doubtfire house.  Overall it was, as usual, a super visit.  And we can’t wait to return 😀

Once we got back to Davis we packed up, cleaned up, moved out.  Time moved extremely quickly and before we knew it we were driving across the barren salt lands of Utah.  The first night on the road we stayed in Rock Springs, my childhood town.

photo 1 photo 2

We drove by my old house where not much had changed except the Christmas tree in front.  It use to be shrimpy when I was little but now it towers over the house!  The second night was spent in Kansas with one of Matt’s Aunt.  It’s always great to meet more of his family and put a face to a name on a family tree.  And then POOF!  We were at the end of our journey.  Rolla!


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