Beading on the Vine

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This summer I knew that my mom and dad would be in San Luis Obispo for a beading retreat.  I didn’t think much of it since it several hours away from Davis and Matt and I didn’t have a car.  However, about the week before they came up, Matt found out that he had to go to San Luis Obispo for his lab the same day that mom and dad got in!  So I tagged along.

The day before the Beading on the Vine retreat begins there is a bonus workshop.  Luckily for me there were some open spots available.  So I was able to take a class taught by Melanie Potter.  The kit was called Flora.  My mom and I took the class together.  She told me that we were the first group to really test out the kit.  It’s been great fun!  As soon as I got back to Davis I put together all of the pieces.  and started constructing the necklace.  Melanie’s pattern is so very easy to follow and the design is just elegant.

Now it’s finished and here for you to enjoy!  I think I will be making another sometimes shortly.  I must finish the octopus first.


The finished product!  The hardest part was the clasp.  Very tedious bead work.  But very rewarding when completed.  I love that it’s a magnet.  Sneaky sneaky!