Bead Store Road Trip Part 0: Introduction

Mom has been itching to take a road trip this summer.  Since I’m in a transitioning period of my life I happened to have the time to accompany her for a pleasant drive through Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

During road trips (i.e. to and from college, visits to grandpa’s house, moving, etc.) we like to stop at bead stores along the way.  In fact, we’ve seen so many that Mom and I consider ourselves connoisseurs.  This time I’ve decided to document the bead stores so that those who might be living in or traveling through the cities we visited have an idea of what stores are there to fill their beading needs.  Now first off I want to address a few things:

– We did not visit every bead store in every city on our route.  Please remember that there are lots of bead stores out there!  Please go and visit them yourself, especially those I didn’t visit.  Then you can tell me about them 😉

– These are my opinions based on the my exposure to bead stores across the country.  I’ve visited beading stores in Maryland, DC, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, California, etc.

– Support bead stores!  With technology so advanced today it’s easy to shop online.  Please go out and see what’s going on in your local (or not so local) bead stores.  It’s so much better to see beads in person for color and texture.  Also, most stores offer classes that will help you learn the art of beadwork, fine tune your skills and make friends who also like beading.


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