Bead Store Road Trip Part 2: The Beaded Iris

The Beaded Iris


Address:1514 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM, 87112

Phone: 505-299-1856

Timber’s Ratings:  10of10

Notes:  This store has almost everything you need to make whatever kind of jewelry you want.  The Beaded Iris has a stunning display of seed beads.  It’s easy to see the colors and sizes.  Visibility, clarity and organization are qualities that any top notch bead store should aim for.


As you can see below, the store has a wide variety of everything beads.  The lighting and displays worked well together.  Sometimes in bead stores there are dark areas or displays are incorrectly placed and it is difficult to appreciate the beads.


The store offers classes for beaders as well as classes for other artists (knitters, sewers, etc).  Branching out to other fields that can still using beads within their work is a fantastic idea.  Likewise, look at this great work space!  This is only half of it too. 🙂


The staff was excellent.  Very friendly and knowledgeable.  The bead owner said to take each day “One Bead at a Time.”  Wonderful advice 😀  They were able to assist us when we had questions about different products.  Mom and I walked away with several very unique beads.  Just to highlight: I got some really buffalo teeth and my mom picked up some handcrafted pendants.


Pros: Excellent seed bead selection, lots of round turn tables to display beads, reasonable prices, nice class/working space, wonderful people working there

Cons: Too far from us!, few fire-polish (more flush last time), few swarovski crystals


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