Bead Store Road Trip Part 3: Beadweaver

Beadweaver of Santa Fe


Address: 503 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone: 505-955-1600

Timber’s Ratings:  9.5of10

Notes: Just another store another day.  Just kidding!  This store, much like The Beaded Iris, was outstanding.  There were tons of seed beads.  All organized by color and size.  Perfect for someone who needs several colors for one project and is particularly picky about matching and coordinating colors (cough cough… me).  Oh and look at the bottom right photo! More beads perfect for intricate beadweaving!


The other side of the store had Czech glass hanging on the wall.  This store was very clever and displayed the beads intelligently.  Czech glass comes in many shapes (leaves, daggers, drops, flowers, etc) as well as many colors as you can imagine.  Rather then organizing just by color, the store organized the glass by shape and each shape was then organized by color.  This way it was easy to know which shapes came in what colors.


The store highlights work from locals (see bottom left photo) including earrings, bowls, art, etc.  Some of the more precious items are kept in cases near the checkout area.  But they are still highly visible and easy for customers to see (the employees are more then willing to take out beads for you to touch and feel yourself).  We did notice that it appeared that their swarovski crystals are sold on strands.  Since they are already a pricey item individually I feel that making customers purchase an entire strand would be expensive!  However, they might be sold individually or in smaller groups if you asked.  We are not looking for crystals that day so we didn’t ask it was just unusual for us to see.

Other areas of the store (bottom right) offer many whosits and whatnots (not beading items).  These different items make the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or yourself!


Pros: Top notch seed bead selection, great organization, Czech glass organized by type of shape, highlights local work, staff is very friendly, good lighting.

Cons: Swarovski crystals are sold on strands


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