Bead Store Road Trip Part 4: Beads and Beyond

Beads and Beyond


Address: 840 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301

Phone: 970-247-1204

Timber’s Ratings:  9of10

Notes: What a great store within Durango.  When you walk in you see the walls lined with beads and beads and beads.  Artwork laced the top of the walls giving the store an eclectic vibe that draws in those who like to be different and like unique things.

Bellow depicts the beautiful array of semi-precious beads followed by a rainbow of seed beads!  The store has a fantastic collection for beaders to enjoy and turn into artistic creations.



The back of the store has loose beads, typical to most bead stores.  Again this really is great for people who don’t want to commit to an entire strand of a specific bead.  Along the wall all sorts of beading supplies are attainable (everything you need to bead minus the beads)  such as ribbons, wire, thread, etc.


The other half of the store had many more beads up on the walls.  It’s has been a few weeks since we visited but I believe this half had more semi-precious beads.   But please note the art I was talking about before.  It really added to the store and made it one of a kind.

Not quite pictured (far right of the picture) Are alot of chains and other supplies kept near the check out area.  This is handy since the chains are still visible but easy for the employees to show you and then cut it for you.


The front of the store had several nick nacks.  I remember there was a super cute hello kitty (KISS edition) metal lunchbox as well as other bags, fake tattoo sleeves, etc. There were also several gorgeous jewelry pieces laid out in stunning displays.   IMG_0113

Pros: A plethora of beads, great selection of: czech glass, semi-precious beads, seed beads, chains, odds and ends!  Bright and beautiful store, great location and friendly employees

Cons: Could use more crystals and seed beads, other then that great store!


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