Bead Store Road Trip Part 5: Gator Emporium

Gator Emporium


Address: 608 Main St. Ouray, CO 81427

Phone: 970-325-4557

Timber’s Ratings:  3of10 (rating as a bead store)

Notes:  Wow… That pretty much sums it up

Well first of all this sign makes bold claims.  Especially since mom and I had just been to Beads and Beyond in Durango (I believe it’s part of the Western Slope).  I honestly don’t think I can call this store a true bead store… However, it did have several beads and I thought I should document it for those who might be wandering through Ouray looking for beads!


I honestly didn’t see the sign on the window until after we had already gone through the store.  The dragon is what caught my attention!!

The store is full of stuff and things.  Very descriptive… I know.  But really if you’re looking for something super unique or strange well this store has you covered.  I remember seeing alligator heads, candles, boxes with snakes in them, bones, statues, scarves, etc.


The beads are located in the back right section of the store.  Again it just wasn’t a memorable store for it’s beads.  I found some of the bone teeth beads I got in The Beaded Iris for 10xs as much as we paid…  There was several pieces of leather and a lot of beads on strands.  This would not be a place I would go to to get supplies for a bead weaving project.  If you want something eclectic or different you might find something.  But this store is not for getting your basics (seed beads, thread, needles, beading mats, etc)

Pros: A really neat store outside of it’s beads.  A great place for something you won’t find anywhere else.

Cons: I have a hard time believing that it’s the largest inventory on the Western Slope.  Kind of dark and dusty.  Not really a bead store…  really… It’s not…


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