Bead Store Road Trip Part 6: Let it Bead

Let it Bead


Address: 821 Englewood Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80110

Phone: 303-788-1466

Timber’s Ratings:  8.5of10

Notes: This is a true bead store.  Great for beadweavers, stringers, artists etc.  Bonus points for really nice and friendly staff.  Like a good bead store, Let it Bead had a smorgasbord of semi-precious beads (see below).  The displays make you wander throughout the store (a great way to get you see other beads you were not looking for).  Several semi-precious beads decorate the walls as well as these nifty “I” shaped displays.


Behind the counter are multiple supplies for the avid beads such as tools, thread, wire and chains.  Also (see below) there are more semi-precious beads along the wall as I mentioned previously.  Surrounding the counter are the typical displays of beads that are either more expensive or hand made.  Beautiful beautiful.


Near the back of the store was their fantabulous selection of czech beads.  So many different kinds and colors.  All the different types (daggers, leaves, flowers, double hole, etc) were separated from each other and then sorted by color.  I’ve decided I really like this type of arrangement.  Most bead stores have all the glass organized by color with the different types mingling together.  It’s just so much easier to find what you’re looking for with the arrangement that Let it Bead has.

While the store has an excellent selection beads there is a problem with lighting and their display of seed beads and crystals.  First off there just needs to be more lighting.  At times it was difficult to appreciate the true colors, texture and other characteristics of the beads.  Sometimes just difficult to see them.  This could be easily fixed with a few more lights or changing the arrangement of the displays so the light catches the beads more easily.

My second critique would be about the display of the crystals and seed beads.  Crystals just seems a bit difficult to see and to get to.  I understand that theft can be an issue and locking them up just might be the best solution.  But they were hard to appreciate (and these crystals are beautiful).  As a bead weaver who likes to do intricate designs and work with seed beads I like to easily see all the colors, options, sizes, etc.  The current display within the store makes it hard for someone nitpicky person like me find exactly what she needs.  The sun also complicated things since some of the glass containers were getting sun while others were in shadow.


This store was really great.  One of my favorites on the trip.  They have such a great selection of all sorts of beads.  There are classes offered to new beaders.  I really recommend people in Denver to drive out to the store.  Bonus points for the sweet dogs in the store.  They never barked or made any noise.  The just walked around and slept. 🙂

Pros: Wonderful staff, great selection of czech beads and semi-precious beads, so many daggers!, adorable dogs, I will be shopping here super soon!

Cons: Needs more lighting, needs more lighting, Seeds beads are difficult to appreciate given current display and location in store (sun distorts colors)



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