Bead Store Road Trip Part 7: Bead it!

Bead it!


Address: 9617 E. Country Line Rd, Centennial, CO 80112

Phone: 303-706-1888

Timber’s Ratings:  8of10

Notes: Mom and I were quickly in and out of this store.  It was a typical bead store.  Lots of semi-precious stones, beading supplies, new beading trends and seed beads.  I do remember seeing plastic flower beads (leaves and flowers of all different sizes and colors) in the back left of the store.  I like how someone could purchase a strand of the beads rather then individually.  This was the first time I had seen this within a bead store.

The staff wasn’t very friendly.  Not terrible either. **UPDATE**  I stopped by the other day and talked with the nicest lady.  My experience was much improved.  She showed me all around the store and where to sign up for classes.  I will be going back.

I was impressed by their work space for beaders.  I think it is outstanding and a great opportunity for customers to make things while the shop.  So a snagged a picture for y’all to appreciate the two work spaces as well.  Other then that the store didn’t stand out to me as one of a kind.


Pros: Great selection of beads, keeps up with new beading trends, nice work space available to customers/beaders

Cons: Staff wasn’t too friendly, could use more seed beads (so more beadweaving and less stringing) **UPDATED** I think they reallllllllly need more seed beads.


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