Doctor Who – Starry Night TARDIS Dresser


My project is complete and I am in love with it.  After living in Denver for about 5 weeks and working on an Ikea dresser each weekend I finished.

I’m going to start with the worst picture! haha I should have gotten an eggshell finish for the polyurethane.  But that’s alrightie.  Still looks great!  So welcome to the tardis…


My inspiration was the Starry Night TARDIS image that’s pretty easy to find on the web.  But I wanted to make the base of the dresser iconic to the TARDIS.  Hence the color and “Police Public Call Box.”

DSCN4889 - Copy

And of course I needed to pay tribute to the Doctor himself.  Currently Matt Smith is my favorite.  I do need to watch the classic episode, as well as, re-watch the new series.  🙂  But simply put.. Bowties are cool.  Just like the quirky Doctor.


Finally, the starry night.


To achieve this look, many layers of paint were applied.


The TARDIS was such a challenge for me.  I use to be such a surrealist (haven’t had a chance to draw and paint these past few years so things might have changed) and I initially wanted it TARDIS to look realistic.  Reminder girl… Starry night was an impressionist piece and there is no need for the TARDIS not to follow suit with the rest of the piece.


The moon!


Once it’s warmer and I can use polyurethane outside without freezing, I think I’ll consider painting furniture to sell.  If you’re interested in a Doctor Who dresser place you’re orders now! haha. 🙂  But really, making this was a ton of fun.  I’m up for other ideas as well.  I forgot how much I love painting.


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