A week of work told in beads…


I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who are new and thought I only going to bead stores giving critiques, I very much admire the artist Laura Mccabe.  Her work is fantastic.  One day I will be designing pieces that are on her level of artistic perfection.  So… as you have probably guessed, the following piece is one of her kits.  The Eiffel Tower bracelet.  


It was a fun bracelet to work on.  The beadweaving techniques are very structural.  The Eiffel Tower base builds up to form four peaks by altering the number of beads on your thread.  During the first unit I was sure that I was doing something wrong.  However, everything fell right into place.  I must compliment Laura’s instructions, they were very easy to follow.


The clasp was the most difficult aspect to complete.  First, there isn’t much room to work and there is alot of going in and out of the same beads several times.  I only broke two needles though!


Hope ya’ll enjoy!


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