Totoro Dresser – It’s Getting There!


While laying on the couch and too tired/sick to do anything, I realized that I needed to give an update on my Totoro Dresser.  I have made progress!  All the characters are complete.  I just need to design flowers around the top and drawers.


I might need to do a little more outlining with this guy above.  I see I forgot some claws! Geeze girl.  Likewise, the flower will be painted again so it’s more vibrant. Image

These little guys don’t photograph well.  But they sure are cute.   Image

Last but not least is Totoro.  I love him.  This style of painting has been a bit challenging for me.  I like to add lots of shading and show my brush strokes. I did sneak in some of my style in there… shh don’t tell.  But but for the most part it follows the same style as in the filmImage

An umbrella? Was ist das?

Enjoy! I hope to finish up the rest of it soon.


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