The Three Golden Panels


Well it’s been far too long… I know this but I have a hard time sitting down and stopping everything for a little while to write. My phone is currently in limbo (darn you software updates) And while I should be going to dance class, my blister from dancing at a wedding is killing me so I might just take another day off (this weekend is full of dancing so exercise quota is not really a concern. I just feel giddy to do something active). But back to the real reason I’m here. My art.

I have a marvelous purple couch in my living room and a beautiful yellow wall behind it. In my head I wanted to do a 3 panel painted piece. The transformation is the most interesting part. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as good in pictures. I suppose I’ll have to host a game night and have y’all over. Please bring snacks!

Here is the beginning of chaos.  A blank slate.  i wanted to keep some of the canvas blank to play with color and negative space.  I clearly went delusional at one point and thought that splattering paint everywhere (walls and floor and myself included) was a fantastic idea….

Now you can see my progression of crazy to somewhat sane.  I was thoroughly unhappy with this whole project for a long while.  I was going for a splotchy technique.  If you look really closely you’ll see that there are globs of paint.  It was just too choppy though.  I really wanted people to see texture in the painting (success with my throwing paint on earlier).  I think hated it and made everything a bit more smooth.  Good new is you can’t really remove the texture.  😀

The piece was missing something… I didn’t know what.  Mom then came to the rescue and told me it should have gold.  So i free handed gold flowers throughout the piece.  That was the key to success.  Golden flowers.  Well gold.  Thanks mom!!

The final result.  I’m very happy with it 🙂 I now need to work on a painting to go over my bookshelf.  I’m thinking something a bit less abstract and more surrealist.

ps.  The phone as updated.  Yay. 😀


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