Doctor Who Scarf – He’s just borrowing it


The first knitting project I decided to tackle was the 4th Doctor’s scarf from Doctor Who.  While it’s just knitting and purling, it was a lofty project.  My, now, husband and I met during a  Mile High Who event.  It was just fitting that one of the first gifts I let him borrow (silly knitting superstition) be something from the show.

My dear friend, Katie, helped me get everything that I needed.  She had already made a 4th Doctor scarf so she was extremely helpful with colors.

iphone again 069

I ended up taking the project with me to several states.  Surprisingly enough, knitting needles are not a concern when it comes to USA TSA.

Having never knit anything before it was quite exciting to watch the piece grow.  I slowly learned how to maintain consistent tension as well as the ‘joy’ of weaving in the ends.

I successfully finished the scarf in time for Christmas.  I think my sweet kitty was the saddest to see that she could no longer use it as a bed.  If she’s nice enough August will allow her to snuggle up with it again.

iphone again 186

And here he is with the borrowed scarf!  It was a perfect addition to the Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science night of Mythical Creatures.

fun 076


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