Helena the Protector

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My mom and I go to Beading by the Bay each year.  The last two years we have been given a series of beads and crystals and asked to make something with them.  We usually receive the beads in December and go to the event in early March.  Sounds like a lot of time!  Time flies by so quickly when beading.

Last year, 2016, I won most creative.  This year I was determined to make another statement!  So I created Helena the Protector!   She is my first 3D creature and her creation comes from the support, inspiration and encouragement of several people.


Huib Peterson, pushed my at Beading on the Vine 2016.  It was not enough for him that I just complete his pattern.  He wanted to see what I could to with the techniques he taught.  He game me the reassurance that I can successfully push myself and make 3D wacky creatures.

Secondly, I was fortunate enough to take a class from Kinga Nichols in October of 2016.  Her amazing whimsical creatures got my brain spinning.  I wanted to also design a beaded companion.


Lastly, Laura McCabe has always been an inspiration.  When I see her in July at Beading on the Vine I tend to pick up some kind of quirky material that can be utilized in bead art.  Last year I used chicken foot skin in the Beading by the Bay competition.  This year I used a muskrat skull.

While I did not win this year’s Beading by the Bay competition I’m more encouraged to keep on beading!  At the retreat I took a class with Sherry Serafini and she said, not to get discouraged, that I was weird and weird is awesome!  I daydream with beads in my head.  I have so many more ideas that want to become real. This is just the beginning!

Helena the Protector, is a dragon who protects her eggs and nature.  Don’t worry though, if you need protection from the something in your life, Helena will detach from the necklace and guard you!

Here are some more nifty facts:

  • Her tail can bend and twist into many shapes
  • I used worbla to help encase the tiny green swarovski crystals
  • The eggs are in a nest within a tree
  • The moon represents her guidance over more then just her offspring, nature as a whole
  • The necklace is quite light in weight

Helena is my pride and joy.  She has been entered into a couple competitions.  She was also displayed at an art show that ended up having a judging  aspect too.

Helena the Protector took 1st place in the “3 of More Techniques” category for the 2017 Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bead Challenge

This piece also tied for “People’s Choice” in the same competition.

Helena the Protector won “Judge’s Choice in 3D Design” at Starfest









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