A Week of Kinga


I have been fortunate enough to take a couple classes with Kinga Nichols.    If you haven’t yet, you should find a class near you!  A couple weeks ago I finished up three of her pieces!  It was a wonderful week of Kinga.

In June, I attended Beading on the Front Range where we learned how to make the Dark Side of the Moon and Japonica bracelets.  both are wonderfully comfortable to wear and so very beautiful.


For Dark Side of the Moon, Kinga had a couple different pearls we could choose from.  I have been in love with these Iridescent Light Blue pearls from Swarovski.  I’m glad these were an option.  I decided to change things up a little and put some dark purple seed beads along the top to help the pearls stick out.

I completed Japonica following the instructions closely 😀  One of my favorite aspects of the stunning piece is the pillow like top that frames the beautiful hand painted cabochons by Jo Anne St James.   Again, I can’t tell you enough how much I love Kinga Nichols’ designs and workshops!

My last piece to be completed  during My Week of Kinga was Tiny Turtles.  October of 2016 the Rocky Mountain Bead Society brought Kinga in to teach a series of different classes.  I ended up taking the Tiny Turtles class.  I almost finished it last year, but I got very inspired to create my own little wacky creations (hence Helena the Protector).  So I decided it was time to finish up this beautiful bracelet as well.


Such a wonderful week of beading.  Not only am I once again inspired to create something unusual and quirky but I am excited to take another class with Kinga in the future.





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