Many years ago I was at an art fair admiring a woman’s beautiful glass pendents.  We had a wonderful conversation that day and I left with a unique necklace.  However, I left the art fair with something more.  This lady, I wish I could find her no


w, told me  I would grow up and be an artist, a jewelry designer.  For some reason her words have been with me since.

I am now an engineer and a designer.  I pride myself in my ability to use both my left and right brain in all that I do.  I have put a lot of time and energy into my schoolwork and biomedical engineering research.  On the side I have continued to make express my creativity.  I know have the time to pursue my passion and bring happiness to others through my work and designs.



Several of my pieces can by found at my etsy shop: TimberGirlDesigns

If you have any questions for me please contact me at:

If you’re interested in my left brain antics feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile 



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