Bead Stores

Bead stores I have visited are listed below.  I will keep the list updated as I visit more and more.  Each store will have a Timber Rating, as well as contact information or a link to a post I’ve written about the store.

Timber Rating goes from 1 to 10 beads scale.  A full strand of beads is the highest quality.   Aspects of the stores that add beads to the strand include Bead Selection (Seed Beads, New Beads, Swarovski Crystals, etc), Classes Offered, Lighting, Workspace and  Friendliness of Staff (to me this is the most  important).

A sad strand and low rating: 1of10

A full strand and highest rating: 10of10



Argenta Bead – Little Rock; 8of10A bead store that mom and I would always stop at when driving from Tyler to St. Louis.  We’ve always enjoyed their selection czech glass and other unique items.  I will work on a blog post to elaborate more 🙂


Bead it! – Centennial; 8of10

Beads and Beyond – Durango; 9of10

Gator Emporium – Ouray; 3of10

Let It Bead – Englewood; 9.5of10


Lady Bug Beads, LLC – St. Louis; 7of10So many beads!  When mom would visit me in St. Louis we would stop here.  I was unable to get there myself due to lack of transportation.  A great selection however a bit overpriced.  Look for a blog post in the future!

New Mexico

The Beaded Iris – Albuquerque; 10of10

Beadweaver – Santa Fe; 9.5of10

New Mexico Bead & Fetish – Albuquerque; 8of10

Stone Mountain Bead Gallery – Albuquerque; 5of10

Thomason Stone Company – Albuquerque; 7of10


Bead Crazee – Tyler; 10of10 My local bead store.  I will be elaborating more on the store when I return home from Switzerland.  Selection of beads is excellent here.  If you want it you can usually find it.  The owners have basically become family and I enjoy perusing the multitude of beads coming up with the right selection for my next project

Wasington, D.C. Area

Beadazzled – Dupont Circle, D.C.; 6of10Located downtown and thus most easily accessible through the metro.  I found the most unique wooden beads here.  I have yet to use them! (shame on me!!)  However, I wouldn’t go here for there seed bead selection.  Lots of other one of a kind beads though.

S&A Beads – Takoma Park, MD; 5of10Not my favorite bead store.  Lots of incense and stuff besides beads.  I went there looking for a clasp and was unable to find the kind I was looking for.  However, you can find basics for beading.  Just didn’t offer the selection I expect from an outstanding beadstore.


2 thoughts on “Bead Stores

  1. I read the hit price you did on our store. The Gator Emporium. We have more beads and findings than any bead shop in western colorado. The other shop you reference near by has more square footage. That’s all. Our prices are always much better. That’s why we have a huge Durango following. If you had taken time to see what we have you could have made an informed blog. Perhaps if you can’t say something nice you should not say anything at all. Especially when you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Thank you for your comments. I have been in several bead stores throughout the country and like to review them as a bead weaver. As a customer I look for specific items needed for intricate beaded designs, as well as unique beads, traditional beads, the atmosphere of the store, and staff personality. Most all of the stores I review have both positive and negative critiques. They are my opinion. I use the reviews to assist beaders as they travel or move. I did complement the variety of unique items your store has to offer. I just didn’t think that it was the store I would go to find the materials I need to make the type of bead work that I create. Next time I am in the area I will stop in and you can show me around the store. I will then revise my post.

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