Ursula’s Cursed Necklace

Design, Jewelry

“This piece contains a story of beauty, fashion, witchcraft and obsession. When the time came to woo the prince, Ursula put on a show.  Transforming herself into a beautiful woman adorned in the best clothing and accessories.  This show stopping necklace made from coral, seaweed, pearls, and water contains Ariel’s voice.  Why would the sea witch wear a single cursed shell when she can make a stunning visual statement?”


Doctor Who Scarf – He’s just borrowing it


The first knitting project I decided to tackle was the 4th Doctor’s scarf from Doctor Who.  While it’s just knitting and purling, it was a lofty project.  My, now, husband and I met during a  Mile High Who event.  It was just fitting that one of the first gifts I let him borrow (silly knitting superstition) be something from the show.

The Muse: La Bella Simonetta Necklace – Beading on the Vine


Oh shoot you mean that Beading on the Vine was almost a year ago and I haven’t told you about all the projects yet?  Geeze man… I’m really letting y’all down.  So sorry, I’ve been busy beading, working and being nerdy over here.  Actually as I type, one arm has limited movement as sweet Arrow (adorable black lab mix) tries to make it fall asleep so I’ll get up and go to bed.

The Three Golden Panels


Well it’s been far too long… I know this but I have a hard time sitting down and stopping everything for a little while to write. My phone is currently in limbo (darn you software updates) And while I should be going to dance class, my blister from dancing at a wedding is killing me so I might just take another day off (this weekend is full of dancing so exercise quota is not really a concern. I just feel giddy to do something active). But back to the real reason I’m here. My art.

A Year Ago and Shiro Cosplay!

Adventures, Design

A year ago I started this blog 🙂 So to celebrate I’m going to tell you all about Denver Comic Con and my adventures in Cosplaying.  By the way… That’s what I’ve been up to.  Each week leading up to the conference I was piecing together different aspects of my costume.  I’ve also been traveling and what not so my TimberGirl Designs has been neglected 😦