A Year Ago and Shiro Cosplay!

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A year ago I started this blog ūüôā So to celebrate I’m going to tell you all about Denver Comic Con and my adventures in Cosplaying. ¬†By the way… That’s what I’ve been up to. ¬†Each week leading up to the conference I was piecing together different aspects of my costume. ¬†I’ve also been traveling and what not so my TimberGirl Designs has been neglected ūüė¶


Bern, Chocolate and Castles



My first Saturday here we explored Bern. ¬†We first went to the outdoor market downtown. ¬†This markets specializes in food (lots of cheese, meats, and bread), flowers, and other stuff (scarves, hats, belts, etc.). ¬†After we walked the entire market we got breakfast at one of the food trucks. ¬†I got a tasty fried apple dish called Apfelk√ľchlein (two weeks later I realized what I had was pineapple). ¬†Yummy. ¬†It is a traditional food of Switzerland.

A Day of Airports and Planes


I left on a Tuesday for my first adventure across the Atlantic.  I spent about 24 hours traveling to my destination.  There was a long layover in Dallas where I spent most of my time playing Bioshock Infinite and chowing down on my last American meal (Qdoba!!!).  Luckily my flights were mostly uneventful.  So uneventful that I slept through the first two flights.