A Year Ago and Shiro Cosplay!

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A year ago I started this blog ūüôā So to celebrate I’m going to tell you all about Denver Comic Con and my adventures in Cosplaying. ¬†By the way… That’s what I’ve been up to. ¬†Each week leading up to the conference I was piecing together different aspects of my costume. ¬†I’ve also been traveling and what not so my TimberGirl Designs has been neglected ūüė¶


Bern, Chocolate and Castles



My first Saturday here we explored Bern. ¬†We first went to the outdoor market downtown. ¬†This markets specializes in food (lots of cheese, meats, and bread), flowers, and other stuff (scarves, hats, belts, etc.). ¬†After we walked the entire market we got breakfast at one of the food trucks. ¬†I got a tasty fried apple dish called Apfelk√ľchlein (two weeks later I realized what I had was pineapple). ¬†Yummy. ¬†It is a traditional food of Switzerland.

A Day of Airports and Planes


I left on a Tuesday for my first adventure across the Atlantic.  I spent about 24 hours traveling to my destination.  There was a long layover in Dallas where I spent most of my time playing Bioshock Infinite and chowing down on my last American meal (Qdoba!!!).  Luckily my flights were mostly uneventful.  So uneventful that I slept through the first two flights.

Beading on the Vine

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This summer I knew that my mom and dad would be in San Luis Obispo for a beading retreat. ¬†I didn’t think much of it since it several hours away from Davis and Matt and I didn’t have a car. ¬†However, about the week before they came up, Matt found out that he had to go to San Luis Obispo for his lab the same day that mom and dad got in! ¬†So I tagged along.

The day before the Beading on the Vine retreat begins there is a bonus workshop. ¬†Luckily for me there were some open spots available. ¬†So I was able to take a class taught by Melanie Potter. ¬†The kit was called Flora. ¬†My mom and I took the class together. ¬†She told me that we were the first group to really test out the kit. ¬†It’s been great fun! ¬†As soon as I got back to Davis I put together all of the pieces. ¬†and started constructing the necklace. ¬†Melanie’s pattern is so very easy to follow and the design is just elegant.

Now it’s finished and here for you to enjoy! ¬†I think I will be making another sometimes shortly. ¬†I must finish the octopus first.


The finished product! ¬†The hardest part was the clasp. ¬†Very tedious bead work. ¬†But very rewarding when completed. ¬†I love that it’s a magnet. ¬†Sneaky sneaky!



San Fran and Moving Out


San Francisco! ¬†Such a fun city. ¬†Matt and I explored new areas. ¬†Specifically Golden Gate Park. ¬†We’ve never gone there since it’s been so far from where we usually visit. ¬†We zigzagged from one end of the park to the other. ¬†It was a fun day but exhausting. Thankfully we found a free shuttle to take us back to where we began our adventure.


The next day we trekked down to the piers. ¬†We took a detour at the Painted Ladies as well as the Mrs. Doubtfire house. ¬†Overall it was, as usual, a super visit. ¬†And we can’t wait to return ūüėÄ

Once we got back to Davis we packed up, cleaned up, moved out.  Time moved extremely quickly and before we knew it we were driving across the barren salt lands of Utah.  The first night on the road we stayed in Rock Springs, my childhood town.

photo 1 photo 2

We drove by my old house where not much had changed except the Christmas tree in front. ¬†It use to be shrimpy when I was little but now it towers over the house! ¬†The second night was spent in Kansas with one of Matt’s Aunt. ¬†It’s always great to meet more of his family and put a face to a name on a family tree. ¬†And then POOF! ¬†We were at the end of our journey. ¬†Rolla!

A Month Later


It’s been far too long. ¬†Since my last post I’ve done a whole smorgasbord of activities. ¬†Here’s a brief look at the past month (some points I’ll elaborate more in next few ones)

– I changed the Sea Creature Design for the last time!

РVisited San Luis Obispo and got to see my parents.  I was also able to attend a workshop at Beading on the Vine

– Visited San Francisco ‚̧

– Packed up, Moved out, Traveled across the country, Unpacked! Zzzzzz

– Visited Maggie, my best friend

– Home again Home again jiggity jig

As you can see it’s been a busy time! ¬†A lot of fun though.

Independence Day and Bling-Bling Earrings


photo (1)

I hope everyone had an exciting yet safe holiday weekend. ¬†We enjoyed our Independence Day in San Francisco where we met up with one of my dearest friends and her boyfriend. ¬†We explored traditional San Fran sites such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower, Chinatown, and Ghirardelli Square. ¬†However, the highlight of July 4th was our firework watching location. ¬†We used airbnb¬†to reserve an apartment for the night. ¬†Lucky for us, we had access to the rooftop! ¬†We joined the San Fran locals and had the pleasure of observing four firework shows. ¬†It was spectacular and I hope to return again.


The next day was spent at the Exploratorium. ¬†It’s a combination of the St. Louis Science Center and City Museum. ¬†We wandered around playing with all the gizmos and gadgets. ¬†After several hours of meandering about the pier we found ourselves at the Exploratoruim museum store. ¬†While there I purchased a nifty colorful orb puzzle. ¬†Now the reason I am divulging this mediocre detail is because the clerk showed high interest in the earrings I was wearing. ¬†As a result I was inspired to make some more.


Bling-Bling earrings are one of my favorite earrings to wear on both everyday and special occasions. ¬†I made these with some extra beads from a bracelet I’ve been working on for a while (Shhh… ¬†I’ll show and tell that piece on another day). ¬†These earrings were created with 4mm swarovski crystals. ¬†Sparkly! Also a tad difficult to photograph.


I plan on making more of these since I tend to get compliments and questions when I wear them. ¬†Keep an eye on etsy¬†since I plan on adding some earrings to my shop soon. ¬†Now it’s time to read some research articles and learn some more German. ¬†auf Wiedersehen!