Majora’s Mask

Design, Jewelry

When Link’s adventure includes multiple masks and one creepy Skull Kid dances and teases around in Majora’s Mask!


Ursula’s Cursed Necklace

Design, Jewelry

“This piece contains a story of beauty, fashion, witchcraft and obsession. When the time came to woo the prince, Ursula put on a show.  Transforming herself into a beautiful woman adorned in the best clothing and accessories.  This show stopping necklace made from coral, seaweed, pearls, and water contains Ariel’s voice.  Why would the sea witch wear a single cursed shell when she can make a stunning visual statement?”

The Muse: La Bella Simonetta Necklace – Beading on the Vine


Oh shoot you mean that Beading on the Vine was almost a year ago and I haven’t told you about all the projects yet?  Geeze man… I’m really letting y’all down.  So sorry, I’ve been busy beading, working and being nerdy over here.  Actually as I type, one arm has limited movement as sweet Arrow (adorable black lab mix) tries to make it fall asleep so I’ll get up and go to bed.

My Bracelet that Sparkles

Design, Jewelry

Another completed bracelet!  I started this piece over a year ago.  It was a very tedious piece that required lots of needles and lots of patience.  I ran into a dilemma while working on it.  I didn’t have enough crystals to complete the bracelet like that pattern suggested… So I changed it and made it my own! So while there are a ton of crystals all over this bracelet there are suppose to be more. ha! So sparkly!!

Springtime Flora Necklace – Wrong Season? Whoops!


This is my second version of Flora necklace designed by Melanie Potter. Please see my first necklace here.  Clearly my mind is set in Spring instead of Winter.  It took several different iterations of color combinations to get the perfect bright colored flowers for the necklace.

A week of work told in beads…


I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who are new and thought I only going to bead stores giving critiques, I very much admire the artist Laura Mccabe.  Her work is fantastic.  One day I will be designing pieces that are on her level of artistic perfection.  So… as you have probably guessed, the following piece is one of her kits.  The Eiffel Tower bracelet.  

Beading on the Vine

Adventures, Jewelry


This summer I knew that my mom and dad would be in San Luis Obispo for a beading retreat.  I didn’t think much of it since it several hours away from Davis and Matt and I didn’t have a car.  However, about the week before they came up, Matt found out that he had to go to San Luis Obispo for his lab the same day that mom and dad got in!  So I tagged along.

The day before the Beading on the Vine retreat begins there is a bonus workshop.  Luckily for me there were some open spots available.  So I was able to take a class taught by Melanie Potter.  The kit was called Flora.  My mom and I took the class together.  She told me that we were the first group to really test out the kit.  It’s been great fun!  As soon as I got back to Davis I put together all of the pieces.  and started constructing the necklace.  Melanie’s pattern is so very easy to follow and the design is just elegant.

Now it’s finished and here for you to enjoy!  I think I will be making another sometimes shortly.  I must finish the octopus first.


The finished product!  The hardest part was the clasp.  Very tedious bead work.  But very rewarding when completed.  I love that it’s a magnet.  Sneaky sneaky!



Sea Creature Evolution

Design, Jewelry

So this project has been quite the adventure.  I have the octopus tentacles completed for the most part.  I will be adding wire to them to give each tentacle pizzazz.  Of course I also need to take care of all the loose ends… They currently have a mind of their own.

SAM_0612aOn to the coral.  Very slowly I’ve been adding coral to the focal bead.  This surprisingly takes longer then you would think.  Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve done such beading.  It has been fun to watch the coral evolve and manipulating it the direction and waves.  I have a lot more to do 😀


A view from the back.

SAM_0607I’ll continue to post updates as the under water sea creature continues to morph into a fashionable necklace.  Now it’s back to work!