Totoro Dresser Complete!


The Totoro dresser has been finished for a couple months and it’s perfect.  I’m now about ready to start my next furniture painting adventure (Firefly table).


Totoro Dresser – It’s Getting There!


While laying on the couch and too tired/sick to do anything, I realized that I needed to give an update on my Totoro Dresser.  I have made progress!  All the characters are complete.  I just need to design flowers around the top and drawers.

Doctor Who – Starry Night TARDIS Dresser


My project is complete and I am in love with it.  After living in Denver for about 5 weeks and working on an Ikea dresser each weekend I finished.

I’m going to start with the worst picture! haha I should have gotten an eggshell finish for the polyurethane.  But that’s alrightie.  Still looks great!  So welcome to the tardis…

Catch Up


Since Switzerland I have moved to Denver and started a new job.  Everything is great!  I have kept up with beading as well as other projects.  In fact I have a few too many projects going on right now!  My horoscope said I should should work on finishing a project.  So my current goal is to complete them before I head home for Christmas.